Southern Thailand Beaches


Paradise Found-Koh Ngai

Warning: If you are reading this and you are someplace that is cold, wet, and full of snow, well, you may not want to scroll any further. That is, unless you are prepared to purchase a plane ticket right now. Southern Thailand seduced us with warm turquoise seas (perfect for just floating), long swaths of golden sand (biggest decision of the day: under which palm tree to park your bum), and big skies painted by sunsets. It was torture to stay there.


Relax Bay, Koh Lanta


Sunset, Haad Khlong Dao, Koh Lanta

So what did we do on Koh Lanta? A whole lot of nothing at all. Except we managed to loose track of time and day of the week. Many a traveler has had their itinerary eaten by Koh Lanta and it’s pretty easy to understand why. And I’m pretty sure we extended our stay “for just two more days” at least three times…

If you are silently cursing us, not to worry, karma did eventually catch up in a rather epic way. Food poisoning that was nasty, messy, projectile, and as a bonus included two long ferry rides!  And while most will remember their visit to Koh Phi Phi for Maya Beach (where the movie “The Beach”was filmed), our day trip to the island will be recalled with affection as the most stunning place that we have ever vomited.


Koh Phi Phi- A pretty place to puke

The best way to recover from food poisoning in paradise?  Two days in these chairs!


Today’s Agenda: Absolutely Nothing!



2 thoughts on “Southern Thailand Beaches

  1. A sure way to travel and avoid “tourists sickness is with a case of peanut butter crackers. I can go days only eating peanut butter crackers and drinking Diet Coke. Thailand seaside resorts look great. Best Marv


  2. OK – so I was sooo happy skiing in beautiful colorado – blue sky and mild temps and perfect snow -…..and read your blog – not fair….too tempting….not the food poisoning part but the pics are just gorgeous ande the beaches look amazing. Keep posting!!!!


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