THE Cookbook


It’s pouring rain. And not just buckets either, this is more of the biblical kind. l lean over the wooden bridge and watch the small vegetable fruit laden boat float beneath me. It’s powered by oar by an old woman and she is wearing a round straw hat. The rain suddenly stops and I wipe the drops from my brow and pull out my camera.

Snap, snap, snap.

And then it hits me. It’s the book cover.

THE cookbook cover. THAT COOKBOOK COVER.

Thailand: The Beautiful Cookbook

The heavy and oversized- more coffee table than cookbook- the one that just appeared on a random Tuesday in the household of my childhood. THAT book, which I used to flip through for hours without the intention of ever preparing a recipe (not much has changed), but was absolutely enchanted by the glossy photos and descriptions of a world that was so very colorful and so very far away.

And I am here.

Pinch me damn it.

Please enjoy some additional highlights from Amphawa& Auyutthaya, Thailand


3 thoughts on “THE Cookbook

  1. Certainly is the cookbook… Hard to imagine that it could be so absolutely gorgeous. U2 certainly haven’t missed much. I’m enjoying traveling with you.


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