Urban Soul Revival in Bangkok

img_1790So here we are. Two months of travel in the books and only a little bit worn and ragged from sensory overload and decision fatigue. Long term travel, as freeing and fantasy filled as it is- is at the same time, frustrating and exhausting. Routines are non-existent and we have become accustomed to feast or famine when it comes to things like availability of shampoo, Advil, snacks, contact lens solution, or for Mike, a sink with hot water to shave. Turning up in a new place every couple of days is definitely exciting, no complaints, but the fantasy of the unfettered traveler is tempered by the rather annoying reality of ensuring  proper shelter, food, transportation, and because this is 2017- please add wifi and ATM’s- which incidentally are pre-requisites to the former.

In this way, it’s fairly simple to understand how an intended “one night in Bangkok” slipped easily and without much debate into three. Throw in some fancy rooftop cocktails, a comfy bed, and some big fluffy hotel towels, and next thing you know, five days have gone by. Sawadee ELOISE, and welcome to Bangkok!




7 Levels of MBK-Anyone need a copy watch?





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