Bangkok, Thailand

EWR->LHR->BKK… 23 Hours Later…we arrived in Bangkok, in a dazed state, not knowing what day or time zone we landed in, nor which way was up or down. As we took the long walk from our gate to clear customs we were greeted by a clear shot of the bright orange morning sun rising over the flat horizon. 6:00 am and Bangkok and her environs seemed eerily quiet and even serene.

Bangkok is not a city that awakens slowly nor with a soft purr…in fact when she opens her eyes it is with a jolt and a loud roar.  Within moments of getting into the city center we were surrounded by a cacophony of sounds: whoring scooters, zipping cars, the diesel cough of tuk-tuks, and the constant flow of people moving across the city.

I am immediately reminded of Hong Kong, another urban megaopolis that I have been both fortunate and unfortunate to spend a significant amount of time in. Bangkok is full of east meets west contrasts: mega sterile upmarket shopping complexes, corner street shrines, sprawling soot and grim ridden boulevards lined with dingy brick a brack mom and pop businesses, and the ever Asia present brightly colored plastic buckets and stools.


Bangkok street corner shrine on a Friday afternoon


The bright city lights of Bangkok, Thailand

Highlights of our Bangkok stay included a kick-ass afternoon exploring the Wat Pho temple complex & enormous reclining Buddha with the Family Brodeur, dodging one of the street corner scams that Bangkok is famous for, and covering over sixteen miles by foot in two days in an attempt to make a completely unwalkable city, walkable.


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